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The right Dutch voice over for any Tv show, narration, corporate video- e-learning productions, radio or Tv commercial is essential. Voice over Zeno Groenewegen is a Dutch voice over veteran with over 25 years voicing experience. Based in the Netherlands so no accent.

Dutch voice recordings can be delivered "Clean" or "Processed" Tv and video producers without sound facilities can save time and money by requesting mastered audiofiles.

Zeno has always been fascinated by the human voice. As a 7 year old boy he pretented to be a radio DJ. With an old microphone and cassette recorder he announced his parents record collection and recorded himself. As a 14 year old he started to work as a volunteer at a local radiostation amd his father build him a small studio in his bedroom. With a cheap microphone, a turntable and a few cassette decks you could do a lot these days.


At the age of 18 he got offered a job as a radio DJ at national broadcaster Radio 10, one of the first commercial radiostations in the Netherlands. Commercial radio was still developing and when the program director restricted the Dj's by only allowing them to do standard announcements and reading the weather forecast without any personal touch it seems to be more interesting to Zeno voice commercials and narration for films. His voice over and narrator career started by auditioning at the first voice over agency in the Netherlands in the early 90's.


By public transport and later with his first car he traveled all over the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany from studio to studio to record voice overs. Since modern digital sound technology was introduced the need of traveling became less every year and unless requested otherwise (Zeno still loves to travel though) Zeno records most of his Dutch voice over work in his own inhouse professional recording studio. Not only native Dutch voice overs but also due to much demand from international clients as an English voice over with Dutch European accent.


Looking for Dutch childrens voices for commercials or other audio productions?  Beside being a voice over himself Zeno Groenewegen is the founder of VoiceOverKids.nl, the first dedicated Dutch child voice agency in the Netherlands with the best Dutch childrens voices. See www.voiceoverkids.nl

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Zeno Groenewegen I Native Dutch Voice Over  © 2016

Zeno is a full time Dutch voice over professional since 1988. As a native Dutch speaker he voices radio and Tv commercials, Tv shows, narration, E-Learning, documentaries, corporate films and IVR for clienst worldwide.


I'm the Dutch voice you'll find in speech Apps like Duolingo en Itranslate.


Listen to my Dutch voice over samples and watch my video showreel. I'll be happy to work with you on your next Dutch voice over project!



TV season 2019 Zeno can be heard as a voice over in several Tv shows on national broadcasters RTL4.

All our voice overs are recorded (unless clients request otherwise) in Zeno's high end inhouse recording studio with vocal booth. Your guarantee for top notch sound quality.


The studio has ISDN audio connections, Source Connect and Session Link Pro for live connections with studio's worldwide and phone patch. Skype and Facetime for live direction.



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